“Make yourself a sheep and the wolves will eat you”
Benjamin Franklin

Trump voters back the President’s charges of election fraud led by Democrats


By Chris George

Election fraud claims have been flying since November 4th and they continue to grow. 

Dead voters. Backdated ballots. Coordinated vote counting suspension on election night in Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta and elsewhere.  4AM ballot dumps with improbable Biden margins. Large blocks of Biden votes with no down ballot votes. Inner city wards with 90% – 100%+ registered voter turnout. Refusal to allow Republican poll watchers in and around Democrat strongholds with histories of corruption. Voting machines with vote counting ‘glitches’ in favor of Biden. Software of questionable provenance used for vote counting in some US States.  Uncounted votes on thumb drives. Human error running in favor of the Democrat in vote tabulation.  All of these claims and more are so plentiful that 47% of the American people now believe the Presidential election was stolen.   Mr. Biden did not help perceptions when he said a week and a half before the election that “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud operation in the history of American politics.”  The often-befuddled Biden later walked back the statement as did his spokespeople who concede their candidate has a reputation as a gaffe machine.  All of that left many voters with a lingering concern that as Michael Kinsley famously explained, ‘a gaffe is when a politician accidentally tells the truth.”

Where there is statistical smoke..

Statistical red flags that suggest manipulated election results continue to mount in multiple states.  This type of analysis is commonly used in law enforcement to detect fraud and financial crimes and the principle behind it is so well established to the point of being admissible in a court of law. One such analysis holds that random numbers will fall within statistical patterns or confidence intervals with regularity, whereas numbers that are manipulated or made up will display different and identifiable patterns. Called Benford’s Law, it has been used to assert fraud charges in the Iranian elections by a University of Michigan Professor of Political Science, Walter Mebane.  The data showed statistical deviations in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. This analysis in and of itself would not likely be sufficient for a court to invalidate an election. But it raises legitimate questions that should be thoroughly investigated.

“No evidence”, except 500 sworn affidavits alleging 11,000 incidents of voter fraud.

A phalanx of corporate media led by Fox News, the latest bête noire of 73 million Trump voters, is insisting there is no evidence of wrongdoing and encouraging the American public to trust them that Biden fairly won the election.  A large and wary portion of the public seems willing to wait for investigations to unfold and is questioning why there seems to rush to judgement to dismiss allegations.  “The same people who were telling us that our election systems were totally unsecured for the past four years have turned on a dime and insist there is nothing to see now. That it is not possible to cheat.” said a Florida Trump voter who asked for anonymity out of fear of retribution.  She questioned whether Fox News bosses have directed them to avoid legitimizing the story through investigation and coverage the same way they did with the Hunter Biden laptop story.  Fresh off the blackout of coverage of Hunter Biden’s shady international business dealings after the corroboration of his correspondence by the fellow Democrat and respected businessman Tony Bobulinski, conservatives are voting with their remotes, and ditching Fox News in droves.

With a corporate news media generally abdicating its responsibilities to seek the truth, preferring to ‘turn the page’ to the administration of a candidate they openly supported, the work of investigating remains with the Presidents campaign, State Legislators, and independent journalists and news organizations such as Wolf Daily.  In a heated back and forth between Tucker Carlson and Trump campaign attorney Sydney Powell following a Thursday Press Conference to lay out claims of voter fraud and vote stealing through manipulation of vote counting software, the Fox News host slammed the legendary attorney for failing to turn over her evidence to the newest resistance network.

Many of the allegations of wrongdoing will not rise to the level of changing a state outcome, however taken in their totality, they will likely cast a pall over a Biden Administration in the minds of Trump voters. But the vote flipping claim is the most serious and will likely require a hand recount of ballots to verify the claims. As of the most recent Rasmussen poll, 47% say it’s likely Democrats stole votes or destroyed pro Trump ballots in several states to ensure that Biden would win.  Trump voters are not looking to go quietly into that good night. Not without credible investigations and answers.

Will all the claims be investigated before election day? Not likely.

The Electoral College and Faithless Electors

In our federal system it is by design that each state sets its own rules for vote counting, re-counting, contesting and ultimately certifying the popular vote winner of the state.  The process does not end there.  As an additional fail safe against a fraudulent election, state electors can choose to vote against the state’s certified popular vote winner. Such instances are rare in American history but not unprecedented.  Any politician who would overturn a certified election result with their vote would be making a political calculation as well as a principled stand. They would need a high degree of confidence in the evidence of malfeasance as well as the backing of public opinion.  Prior to this election the US has conducted 58 Presidential elections and electors have cast 23,507 votes in the electoral college.  Only 90, or 3/8 of one percent have defected in their vote, including 10 who did so in 2016.  Given the degree of controversy and the lingering unanswered questions likely to exist when votes are cast, it would not be a surprise to see some faithless electors this year.

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