“Make yourself a sheep and the wolves will eat you”
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One unarmed, peaceful, female Trump supporter confirmed dead. Shot by police officer in Capitol during protest over election. Democrats and media blame victim.


Swarms of protesters stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday as they sought to force Congress to undo President Donald Trump’s election loss, temporarily suspending a last-ditch effort by some of Trump’s fellow Republicans to throw out the results.

Police fired tear gas and ordered several office buildings to be evacuated as protesters breached the Capitol and were seen marching through the halls of Congress, where lawmakers were meeting to certify the election results.

Police escorted House of Representatives members from the chamber where they had been debating after lawmakers aligned with Trump challenged the election results. The Senate abruptly adjourned and Vice President Mike Pence, who had presided over a joint session of Congress, was escorted from the chamber.

Capitol Police told lawmakers in the House chamber to take gas masks from beneath their seats and prepare to put them on. Officers at the front door of the House chamber had their guns drawn as someone attempted to enter the chamber.

Officers ordered people in the chamber to drop to the floor for their safety.

The chaotic scenes came after Trump addressed thousands of supporters near the White House, repeating his claims that the election was stolen from him due to widespread fraud.

Trump had pressed Pence to throw out election results in states the president narrowly lost, though Pence has no authority to do so.

The certification in Congress, normally a formality, was expected to stretch for several hours as some Republican lawmakers mounted an effort to reject some state tallies, starting with Arizona.

A man with blood on his hands at the scene claimed to see the woman shot by police inside the capital.  He said she was unarmed.  The woman has since been confirmed dead.

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowers ordered a citywide curfew starting at 6 p.m. (2300 GMT).

(Wolf Daily Staff)

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