“Make yourself a sheep and the wolves will eat you”
Benjamin Franklin

4 Years Ago Today, Biden, Obama, Sally Yates, Comey and Others Met In The Oval Office To Discuss Investigating General Flynn For Logan Act Violations


After FBI investigative agents concluded General Michael Flynn was not conspiring with Russians in any way, top FBI brass met in early January 2017 to discuss a hook to keep the investigation open without any reasonable predicate. According to notes from disgraced FBI Peter Strozk, Joe Biden mentioned the Logan Act, an unconstitutional relic that was a vestige of the John Adams administration when it pushed the Alien and Seditions Acts.

There is some doubt about whether the meeting took place on the 4th or 5th of January 2017, but the contemporaneous notes reference Joe Biden discussing the Logan Act. Shortly after that, strategic leaks began to surface in news reports about Flynn and a Logan Act Violation. From there on the 3-Star General was the target of political surveillance and press leaks designed to damage him publicly.

The matter of the ersatz “Russian Collusion” story and its use to ensnare Trump campaign and administration officials and ultimately seek to oust the President is the ongoing subject of an independent counsel investigation being led by US Attorney Durham. The “Collusion Narrative” has since been revealed as a dirty political trick laundered through multiple entities but ultimately commissioned by the Clinton Campaign at a cost of approximately $10 million.

The source of the sensational and unverified stories of Mr. Trump’s antics with Russian prostitutes while a private citizen were the deliberate falsehood of a former Brookings Institute researcher and alcoholic Russian fabulist who was long investigated and suspected to be a Kremlin agent.

As the Obama Administration undertook a series of last minute changes to access to highly classified information post Trump election, a gush of leaks about the now debunked story consumed media coverage and undermined our democracy with false claims of illegitimacy. Members of the press including Michael Isikoff were used to weaponize the investigation to obtain FISA warrants against Carter Page. The two hop rule allowed the top members of the Obama Administration access to not just Page but anyone who spoke to someone who he spoke with, including the President himself.

As information has become available about the Flynn investigation ultimately lead by Independent Counsel Robert Mueller, a picture of a deliberately malicious prosecution emerged. Activist Judge Emmitt Sullivan refused to dismiss the matter despite clear precedent that there was no basis for it to continue after an independent review by US Attorney Jeff Jensen. The review found that there was no underlying crime and the coerced admission which Flynn claimed he made to spare his son a similar malicious prosecution, was based on no underlying predicated crime. President Trump ultimately issued a pardon to Flynn due to the efforts of Judge Sullivan to carry on the prosecution from the bench and smear the General out of personal animus.

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