“Make yourself a sheep and the wolves will eat you”
Benjamin Franklin

The Future of The Republican Party Is Trumpism


Let’s not pretend any longer that the Democrat’s response to Trump did not begin as a coordinated effort emanating from the Clinton campaign beginning with the “alt-right” speech which signaled the media to delegitimize Trump supporters as racists, xenophobes and neo-Nazis.  From that moment on every news show and evening news cast began pushing the “narrative” as truth and playing the “will you denounce” game with spineless Republicans too weak to question the false premise of the gotcha questions.  It was and remains a big lie. But along the way they whipped Democrats into such a frenzy that they could not control them any longer. 

True, it is much easier to be a Democrat and play along without taking criticism. But any Republican politician cowed by Democrats, particularly those Democrats pretending to be reporters, and unable to seize the opportunity to deal the death blow to the Democrat Party that it deserves, should be primaried and defeated. Because the Democrats and their media entertainment complex have exposed themselves as the radical leftists they truly are.

Trumpism is the future of the Republican party and we will happily trade in weak Republican politicians who prefer the old status quo. If you would fight for the country and the party, we set out a rationale and roadmap for the Party and its would be leaders. 

Despite four years of incessant charges of every pejorative “ism” they could throw at him and us, Trump increased his vote with blacks, Hispanics and women. This put the lie to the years of slander and liable against Trump and his supporters. 

The American left had a psychotic break during the Trump Presidency and revealed their true agenda:

They despise the rule of law when they are not weaponizing it.

They no longer support having a border.  

They are anti-police.  

They no longer believe in incarceration and elect DAs that don’t prosecute lawbreakers.

They openly support mob rule and oppose cash bail.

They push for decriminalizing theft.

They have become the party of neo-segregationists and anti-white racist.

They promote a racist theory called Critical Race Theory and require whites to attend struggle sessions and confess guilty which can never be expunged only acknowledged.  

They promote absurd debunked narratives about police hunting black people.   

They are the party that views everything through the lens of race, including vaccine distribution.  

They are the party pushing a false history called the 1619 Project into public kindergartens as a means of accusing children of white supremacy.

They despise individual rights that conflict with their political agenda and power. 

They are the party of censorship of their opponents’ political speech through their big tech patrons.  

They support oppressive arbitrary usurpations of freedom of religion and assembly for all except violent radical leftists. 

They have become anti-small business as massive wealth accrues to their big tech and big business patrons from ineffective and draconian lockdowns.  

They support a tyranny of “experts” which allows then to claim extraordinary, unchecked emergency powers. 

They have infantilized the citizens of the United States with lies about COVID risks to the ordinary citizen and one size fits all policies they themselves openly flaunt.

They oppose school choice and homeschooling, in favor of state mandated indoctrination.

They are the party of the cosmopolitan globalists and the most fervent anti-American radicals

They have become China apologists while decrying imagined Russian boogeymen.

They are apologist for blatant corruption and hide and or defend, multiple seven figure payoffs to family members of then Vice President Biden while he was in office.

They support one-sided trade deals that benefit capital and not labor.

They despise our founders and gleefully tear down our history and replace it with their own anti-American propaganda.

They have infected every aspect of American life with their divisive and intolerant ‘woke’ ideology.

They have ruined professional sports.

They have destroyed comedy with political correctness.

They have turned education into a massive indoctrination effort where Black Lives Matter propaganda is pushed in science classes (and everywhere else).

They have created a ‘cancel culture” that seeks to destroy people for wrong think.

They are anti-Christian.

They are anti-male.

They are anti-family.

They are anti-science.

They have become anti-science by insisting that so called scientists who have been wrong at every turn during this pandemic are not to be questioned, not even by other scientists. 

They believe men can have vaginas and give birth.

They promote radical ideas of gender that would give hormonal treatments to children.

They believe there are 29 genders and that the rest of us must play along or we are committing some sort of hate crime.

They believe a baby in the womb in the ninth month is a clump of cells to be discarded without regard to conscience.

They believe that CO2 is the only thing that causes climate to change and that decarbonization will do away with climate change.

They refuse to support research into geoengineering of plant life to effect carbon capture.  

Democrats are the party that refuses scientific debate on subjects they deem settled, but which science does not, such as masks, herd immunity, the extent to which carbon emissions effect climate.  

They have a reflexively unscientific anti-GMO obsession.

They refuse, with a religious fervor, to allow study of genetic differences in human behavior. 

If any Republican politician wants to go back to the way things were so the Democrats will stop with their orgy of spite, rage and lunacy, then you are actually a Democrat in the mold of Mitt Romney and Jeff Flake, not a Republican.  

            To avoid a primary contest in 2022, you would be well advised to acknowledge that Trump saved the Party though a transformational political realignment.  I urge you to set aside any personal resentments that might remain.   We have watched as many of you ever so slowly calculated your political coordinates toward President Trump and his supporters after the 2016 election.  So slowly in fact that it appeared most of you were intimidated by the bullying fake news crowd who would make your support for Trump too difficult a yoke to bear. 

Donald Trump had a variant yet accurate perception of the country and its attitudes that was outside the establishment consensus.   To Republicans viewing the party from outside of government, this new alignment was consistent with core Republican principles.  To those inside Washington it was heretical.  Case in point, the Marco Rubio of 2010 would have been adept enough to see what was happening and embrace it.  Senator Rubio’s thinking over these last four years has seemed ossified and reluctant to adapt. We are watching closely.

The old GOP was a three-part coalition of military hawks, social conservatives and economic conservatives, embodied in individuals such as the gelatinous windbag, Bill Kristol.  It made no attempt at outreach to the African American community and little to the Hispanic community.  Their idea of outreach was to find a Spanish speaking Bush.

The old GOP became a slave to rigid ideas coopted by establishment special interests. It became a monstrosity of endless wars and increasing hostility to the American worker in favor of the capital owners benefiting from one sided trade agreements. Worse, yet the demographics of the old coalition were leading the party to the abattoir without corrective action.  Jeb! was so obtuse that he thought he could trade on the family name to do deals with Chinese money after being sent home to his mommy in 2016. He never believed Trump meant anything he ran on. He must have thought Trump was a career politician like him who wouldn’t derail the establishment sellout Chinese gravy train. He’s probably rushing to cash in on his family name and get in business with the Chinese right now.

The party as realigned by Donald Trump, is a party of peace and prosperity.  Except now we must acknowledge prosperity that doesn’t include workers and American manufacturing, is ephemeral and undermines true long-term security.  The party of peace and prosperity must be a color-blind party of the American Dream and law and order, and the anti-war party of peace through strength.  

Republicans must be the inclusive, color-blind party.   Let the Democrats be the “everything is racist” party of quotas and racial grievance that even California voters rejected.  Trump understood this and pushed policies to reflect this necessity.  A majority of Americans want this even if the corporate media entertainment complex continues pushing the racial oppression narrative for ratings and the benefits that accrue to Democrats from the big lie.   

Every four years the percentage of the American electorate that is white declines by 2%.  Ignoring minorities and allowing the false Democrat narrative to stand were huge mistakes of the old party.  Biden revealed the Democrat party attitude with his “you aint black” comment.   Democrats were running a racket at the expense of their own supporters and Trump saw it as their Achilles heel. But that wasn’t enough, and Trump knew it.  Trump set about fixing the problems in their communities instead of ignoring them as the problem of Democrats. The Democrat party is in a precarious position and Republicans need only apply a little pressure to bring their house of cards down.  If Republicans can win 1 out of 5 African American votes, the Democrat party implodes.  If we can get to 1 in five, it won’t stop there.  Ideas are contagious, but Republicans must break though with asymmetric information warfare.  We need to organize in their communities and offer a better way forward.  Win over African Americans who want their share of the American dream and suburban women come home.

The attempt at poisoning race relations for another generation through Critical Race Theory, to keep blacks in a victimhood mindset (even NBA stars who have made a billion dollars imagine themselves victims), must be called out for the cynical and destructive ploy that it is to keep blacks voting Democrat against self-interest.  Don’t count on establishment news organizations to debunk Democrat lies and promote true Republican values.  When Democrat activists masquerading as journalists, like Chris Wallace describe Critical Race Theory as racial sensitivity training, they are pushing the big lie that serves their cause.  It is anti-white racism that ascribes faults based on skin color alone.  That is the very definition of racism.  The media will not change.  We Republicans must become adept at seeping our ideas into the culture in different ways, and in communicating directly to voters in their communities.  The models for a color-blind country should be Christ, Mandela and MLK.  

Critical Race Theory is racist, Anti-Christian and Anti-American.  All Americans are protected against racial discrimination by the 14th Amendment, even whites.  Brown v. Board of Education settled that issue.  In America you are not judged guilty and treated differently because a long time ago someone who looked like you did something to someone who looked like someone else.  

The lesson is that if Republicans would grow our coalition with blacks, we must solve problems for them, or at least be seen to try. The actions will debunk the left’s false narrative.  Urban renewal investment creates opportunity for jobs, school choice creates opportunity for personal advancement, support for the police creates opportunity to pursue happiness, controlled and reduced immigration of low skilled illegal immigrants have always been winning positions with the African American community because it creates opportunity for the lowest wages to rise based on supply and demand.  Trump sold these policies to minority communities and they wanted them, just like white people want them.

Thanks to Donald Trump, the Republican party has the opportunity today to be the party of Martin Luther King and promote a colorblind society while Democrats are the party of race hustlers Louis Farrakhan and Ibram Kendi. Democrats are the anti-white party of racial retribution and endless racial grievance. They are the neo-segregationist party insisting that whiteness itself is an offense against minorities.  They build separate student unions, separate dorms, separate dining halls.  Soon they will be demanding that blacks have their own water fountains.  Any Republican too timid to say it should be ushered out of the party.  No more buying into false racial narratives, and no allowing them to be pushed in interviews without retort.  

Here is your talking point to activist reporters asking about Critical Race Theory, BLM and “systemic racism”:

‘If America is truly systemically racist, why do so many Democrats in academia, entertainment, government, and social activism forge the currency of minority status?  History has no record of Germans pretending to be Jews in Nazi Germany, or whites pretending to be blacks in Apartheid South Africa.  Having said that I won’t exempt your organization from being systemically racist, I don’t think you would either, or are you denying the systemic oppression of black people that your company causes?”  

This lie is poisoning the minds of the young black community and keeping them in a victimhood mindset.  I can only imagine how paralyzing it must be for a young black person to believe they are being hunted and the system is conspiring against them.  Republicans must offer a better, truer and more empowering message.  You are what you believe.  You can believe you are a victim, and you will be trapped and embittered in that mindset, or you can model yourself after successful African Americans who refused to believe that and determined they would create the life they wanted for themselves. 

The Rule of Law Starts with American Sovereignty Which Requires Enforcing Borders: Controlling the boarder is not racist.  We must demand that our immigration laws are enforced and strengthened.  The MAGA position was the Democrat position before their orgy of spite and rage.

Controlling who is allowed into a country is something every nation on earth does, except the United States.  The history of nations with borders is more than 5,000 years old.  We are not prepared to end this idea because “Orange Man Bad”.

The Democrats are a cosmopolitan elite more concerned with the opinions of other globalists around the world than the will of their own people.  This is not supposition. They teach this mind-set in universities and boast it as a virtue.  

Everything they suppose about people who want a border and immigration laws enforced is a deliberate conflation.  If you want illegal aliens deported, you are a hateful racist.  If you don’t want to provide free healthcare to illegal aliens, you are a hateful racist.  If an MS 13 gang member comes here illegally and hacks up your daughter with a machete and someone cites this as a reason to control the border, then they hate brown people and are exploiting an uncontrollable event.  If you call the person who did the hacking an animal, Nancy Pelosi will say they are God’s children and pretend you made the comment about every illegal immigrant and not MS 13… Newscasters happily play along and don’t push back.  

Obama, Clinton and Schumer all voted for a border barrier in 2006.

Let’s play a game of “who said it?”  

“We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked, and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently, and lawfully to become immigrants in this country.” 

Must be a racist, right?  It was Barack Obama.

The American media entertainment complex is the ministry of propaganda for the Democrat party.  They portray the “so-called” news and current events in a way to deliberately play on people’s emotions to garner support for their policy goals. Every story is told to make the Democrats seem fair-minded and just, and the Republicans seem selfish, unreasonable and racist.  

If a story can’t be reasonably made to appear that way, it is not covered.   When Obama and Trump advocate the same policies, the story is told differently.  That’s not news. And it’s not the truth.  The African American executive editor of the New York Times held a full staff meeting to lay out the paper’s strategy hinting at racist motives in every story about President Trump.  Do you still think the New York Times reports news?  News events, most of them ‘pseudo-events’ are merely the vehicle for pushing their agenda. And we know for certain because someone recorded Dean Baquet saying 

“It got trickier after [inaudible] … went from being a story about whether the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia and obstruction of justice to being a more head-on story about the president’s character. We built our newsroom to cover one story, and we did it truly well. Now we have to regroup, and shift resources and emphasis to take on a different story. I’d love your help with that. As Audra Burch said when I talked to her this weekend, this one is a story about what it means to be an American in 2019. It is a story that requires deep investigation into people who peddle hatred, but it is also a story that requires imaginative use of all our muscles to write about race and class in a deeper way than we have in years. In the coming weeks, we’ll be assigning some new people to politics who can offer different ways of looking at the world. We’ll also ask reporters to write more deeply about the country, race, and other divisions. I really want your help in navigating this story.”

            The New York Times staff may have believed they were reporting truth, because everyone they talked to and everyone in their business hated Trump and believed the same thing.  The Times’ problem is the American people didn’t believe it.  Every minority group increased its turnout for President Trump. 

            Obama built the cages and put children in them.  Family separation happens 19 times out of 20 because the children are sent with human smugglers and the parents are back in their country of origin and don’t want the kids.  This is well documented, but it was never portrayed as racist or as a manifestation of Obama’s odious character like it was with President Trump.

            The biggest beneficiaries of reduced immigration are African Americans.  They know this and it is reflected in their public opinions. In 2018 Harvard Harris polling found that 85% of African Americans wanted less than 1,000,000 new immigrants a year.  54% of African Americans wanted between 0 and 250,000 new immigrants a year.

            In 2010 Cornell professor Vernon Briggs concluded that on matters of immigration “No other racial or ethnic group has benefitted less or been harmed more than the nations’ African American community.”

            This subject is not even a matter of debate within leftist economic circles anymore.  However, when pressed on the issue publicly leftist economists will deflect because of other “intersectional” priorities to their progressive agenda.  

Here is your talking point on immigration:

“Marginalized communities, especially the African American community have been hurt by large scale unskilled legal and illegal immigration. This is settled science in the field of economics. The Republican party is on the side of the American worker and will no longer sit by as Democrats, the media and big business interests sell out low-income African American workers to inflate their profits.”  

Trump embraced ‘tried and true’ economic policies that had worked before.   He supported economic policies grounded in realism recognizing that individuals pursuing their self-interest, governed by common sense regulations would unleash growth if allowed to keep more of the fruits of their labor.  

The pillars of Trump’s economic policies have been lower taxes, reduced regulations, reduced low wage illegal immigration, aggressive and reciprocal free trade agreements, and an emphasis on federal purchasing of American-made products.  Prior to the impact of the COVID pandemic Trump’s economy produced record levels of employment for women and minorities, record rates of expansion in manufacturing, record wage growth, and record stock market performance.  He created free-market incentives and lowered regulatory barriers to encourage the creation of a COVID vaccine by private companies in record time.  

The Democrats ramped up class warfare to the detriment of the country and celebrated radical socialists who drove businesses and jobs out their jurisdictions.  Moderate Democrats teamed up with Republican free traders like Pat Toomey, who don’t care about the manufacturing worker, to declare that it was Trump and not them who was hurting the American worker.  

The Democrats and the media entertainment complex sold lies to the public. They said:  1. Trump is an isolationist for not letting other countries have unfettered access to our markets while protecting their markets from American competition.  2. Trump went easy on China in trade negotiations.  3. Lower taxes only help the rich.  4. Poor people were left behind.  What actually happened is Trump’s policies lead to increased wages among lower income marginalized Americans for the first time in 30 years. 

Here is your media talking point on the economy and COVID:

“Small businesses, African American workers and women were tremendous beneficiaries of the Trump economy. We view them as essential workers, much more essential than journalists.  Ineffective and arbitrary lockdowns that politicians and media figures ignore themselves hurt the economy and did substantial damage to those folks.  There is no scientific basis to support these draconian measures. Cases in point: The Media entertainment complex celebrated the NY Governor who won an Emmy for most nursing home kills in the 65+ demographic, while demonizing the Florida governor for keeping his state and schools open and still having fewer than half the deaths per capita of NY. People are fleeing NY and CA like rats from a sinking ship.”  

Trump pushed to remake the Republican party as the party of peace through strength.  He pursued a foreign policy that can best be described as “disentanglement”.  

He pulled the US military back from never-ending conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan while refocusing military firepower on short-term, high-intensity campaigns against vulnerable targets including ISIS.  The result has been a simplification and clarification of US strategic interests and a concentration of combat resources where they can be most effective in producing results, while avoiding new regional military entanglements.  The result has been a period of relative peace in the world after the “lead from behind” policies of Obama-Biden left the world ablaze in Islamic terrorism by ISIS and Iranian proxies.

China is determined to reshape the global order in its image of government control of the economy and the social order and Joe Biden began his Presidential campaign by welcoming China’s rise and insisting they aren’t competition for us.  

America politicians’ and bureaucrats are envious of the Chinese system because it gives the ruling class absolute power accept what it loans out in the way of financial benefit to create enough support for their racket. The MAGA position is reciprocity in trade, repatriating or repositioning critical supplies like pharmaceuticals, rare earth minerals, tech and communications components.  We have natural allies in India, Japan, Vietnam and Australia in these goals.

The Chinese Communist Party is not a benevolent actor.  It has bought off, and blackmailed US politicians and their family members, and undertaken a vast and sophisticated propaganda campaign in the US control the system of higher education, which seeks to set the bounds of acceptable public discourse.   Having seen how their allies in the US government, academia, and the entertainment media complex defend them to the American public, they now openly brag about the effectiveness of their influence campaigns.  When they are successful in setting a honey trap to blackmail a Democrat US Congressman and there is no reasonable way to spin the story to Democrats advantage, they simply don’t cover it.  The New York Times has yet to utter a word about Rep Swalwell and his intimate relationship with the Chinese spy, Fang Fang. And they certainly haven’t suggested that he is a puppet of a Chinese regime that has compromised him while he sits on the intelligence committee.  It was the Times and Swalwell that peddled the false collusion narrative of Russia and waved the shiny object at the America people so they would not look to the real threat, China.   

Trump recognized the threat China poses to the world and insisted that American politicians deliberately allowed it while benefiting from China’s rise.  The evidence suggests he’s right. 

Through its vast military buildup, espionage-based economic expansion, forced technology transfer, suppression of democracy in Hong Kong, theft of US government employee information and internment of over 1-million Uighurs in concentration camps.  China’s militarization of islands in the South China Sea is a direct threat to free commerce and navigation in the world’s oceans. China’s development of carrier-killing missiles, and nuclear attack submarines, is a direct challenge to America’s ability to project naval power into the region to protect Taiwan from invasion.  Trump challenged China’s hegemony in the region both militarily and economically and forced Americans to rethink our trade policy and military readiness in dealing with China. 

The difficult issues we face today were either begun or accelerated under Obama Biden when Joe Biden was point man to China.  Joe’s son flew over to China on Air Force Two with the “Big Guy” and arranged for Joe to shake hands with the man who would become his business partner weeks later.  The arrangement was designed with a fig leaf of cover to allow a corrupt media to sell it as “not illegal” at worst, or no issue at all for the most abject apologists for the ruling class.  

As I write this, MAGA nation is watching as Republicans decline to do anything of consequence about it.  Please explain to us why it is nothing to be concerned about when a Chinese political scientist who advises President Xi brags openly about buying influence from Hunter Biden and countless members of the permanent governing class.  We all await the sale of Hunter Biden’s Chinese holding to determine how big the payoff was. The reports of Chinese infiltrating and stealing from America are too numerous to link to here, but we offer a few.
















On Hunter Biden divesting his Chinese Holdings and the China threat in general, here are your talking points:

“The American People now know that the media covered up the Biden family’s payoffs from China and elsewhere during the election.  Hunter Biden is now cashing in by his own admission.  He has been paying Joe’s bills for years with payoffs from selling access to Joe.  The deliberate efforts to cover up these payoffs by the corporate media and big tech renders all of you illegitimate in the eyes of many.  Why don’t you disclose your interests in the Chinese market. Are you compromised too?” 

The Republican party must be the party of peace through strengthwith ‘peace’ being the operative word after nearly 20 years of war.  Trump has always desired peace through strength and succeeded, unlike Obama who thought we could achieve peace through weakness, apology and payoffs. Trump was a champion of increased military preparedness in five key areas.  First, he challenged NATO allies to pay-up their commitments to the alliance.  Second, he formalized our commitment to protecting our space-based technology and satellite systems.  Third, he modernized our air power with increased spending on stealth weapons including purchases of 90 F-35s joint strike fighter jets in 2020 alone.  Forth, he approved construction of 3 new destroyers and a dozen additional ships to improve fleet protection in the Pacific as a countermeasure to China’s naval expansion. Fifth, he reimagined a balance of power against the Chinese which includes alliances with India and Japan. 

Trump pursued a foreign policy that can best be described as “disentanglement”.  He pulled the US military back from malingering conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan while refocusing military firepower on short-term, high-intensity campaigns against vulnerable targets including ISIS.  The result has been a simplification and clarification of US strategic interests and a concentration of combat resources where they can be most effective in producing results, while avoiding new regional military entanglements.  The result has been a period of relative peace in the world after the “lead from behind” policies of Obama-Biden left the world ablaze in Islamic terrorism by ISIS and Iranian proxies.

Different thinking in the Middle East brought different results.  Trump stood up to the radical Shiite mullahs in Iran, killed their ultra-violent henchman Soleimani, isolated them from their moderate Sunni Arab neighbors, and promoted peace accords between Arab nations and Israel.  The United States rejected the European anti-Israel perspective that blamed Israel for everything, and when Arab States saw they could no longer rely on Israel as their scapegoat while maintaining the backing of the US government, they came to the table and acknowledged common interests with Israel.  The result has been a precipitous drop in regional terrorism and peace agreements between Israel and four Arab nations including Sudan, Bahrain, UAE, and Morocco. Secretary of State John Kerry insisted this could never happen until Israel made concessions to Palestinians that would lead to their own demise.  The experts were wrong, and Trump was right.  https://www.jpost.com/american-politics/why-john-kerry-and-others-were-wrong-about-peace-and-israel-analysis-642643

Talking points to media and Democrats on foreign policy:

“Democrat Joe Biden and the experts who advise him gave Iran $160 billion to fund terrorism around the middle east and provided them a sure path to a nuclear weapon in ten years. Donald Trump put them Iran a corner, got four Muslim nations to make peace with Israel, and North Korea stop threatening us and its neighbors.  Today the Iranian regime is teetering. The foreign policy establishment prefers the Biden approach, advocating for a new war in Syria during the DNC, and you don’t seem to find it the least bit curious or troubling.”  

The policies President Trump pursued worked. The American people know they worked.  For the most part those policies were so far outside the mainstream consensus and leveled such an indictment against the Washington power structure that has served its own interests for too long, that they had to do everything possible to discredit and defeat him. 

Republicans who don’t have the stomach for the personal style or morality of President Trump are no longer needed.  I can’t think of a single politician that could have withstood what they tried to do to destroy Trump, that could have come out on the other end, not just standing but with a record of transformative accomplishments. 

If you would betray the party and its issues in hopes that the liberal media will not say something awful about you today and might say something nice when you die, we don’t need you.  There is difficult and unpleasant work to be done.  You will be called vile names for our sake, but the country will be better off if we adhere to our core principles of security and opportunity, and not confuse them with whatever big donors and permanent government want at the moment.  

Lastly, don’t betray us if we refuse to acknowledge Joe Biden as legitimate.  Norm Eisen, the American Goebbels of “The Playbook” Color Revolution fame has signaled to the Democrat media complex that failure to accept Joe Biden as legitimate is undermining our democracy.  So says the man and his minions who spent four years undermining our democracy with a Russian Collusion hoax (ginned up inside the Brookings Institute where he works) and an impeachment for daring to question the payoffs and political favors of the Biden family in the Ukraine.  

Here is your talking point should anyone ask about Biden’s legitimacy

“I can only speak for myself, but if you want to suggest that people who question the legitimacy of an American election are like Holocaust deniers, then you have indicted yourselves after four years of questioning the legitimacy of Trump’s election.   After four years of calling him and his supporters every name imaginable, you should know by now that they don’t care what you think and would be right in believing they have no obligation to confer any legitimacy on Joe Biden.”

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