Masks: Why Won’t You Wear One


I have not worn a mask since the Corona virus pandemic started earlier this year. Many people would say that I am irresponsible for doing this, but I have my reasons. One of the reasons that I refuse to wear a mask is because of my health. I suffer from two conditions that make it hard for me to wear a mask, which are anemia and anxiety.

My anemia makes it harder for me to breathe because my body does not produce enough red blood cells. I feel that it is counterproductive and dangerous for me to wear a mask when I already suffer from shortness of breath. My anxiety also makes it harder for me to breathe. When I am in the midst of an intense anxiety attack, I feel like my chest is tightening. It is a terrible feeling and having the mask on my face makes it worse.

Furthermore, it is extremely hot where I live at. The heat makes the air seem thicker. Even if I did not have the health conditions that I have, it would still be harder for me to breathe. I do not think that it is healthy to wear a mask in the heat.

The conflicting information surrounding the mask is another reason that I do not wear one. When the pandemic first started, the Surgeon General, World Health Organization and numerous other health care experts were telling us not to wear the mask. They said that there was no point in wearing a mask because it does not offer any protection.

The experts later recanted their statement and said that we need to wear mask. The new information that they gave us was also conflicting. At first, they said that we needed to wear a mask to protect ourselves. They then told us that we should wear one to protect ourselves.

The fact that our health experts cannot make up their mind is disturbing to me. They are either blatantly lying or do not know what they are talking about. Both of those scenarios do not sit well with me.

The questionable effectiveness of the mask is another reason that I do not wear them. I have seen several studies that have questioned the effectiveness of the masks. It also makes no sense that anything can be used as a mask. There is a huge difference between an N95 mask and one that is made at home.

Additionally, I often wonder about the long-term effects of wearing masks. I don’t think it is healthy to breathe in your own carbon dioxide all day. Your lungs need fresh air. People are constantly touching and readjusting their mask, which defeats the purpose of wearing a one. If people are not washing their masks on a regular basis, then they will likely increase their chances of getting sick.

Lastly, I question the government’s motives. The government has shown us throughout history that they do not have our best interests in mind. I feel that they are just preparing us to accept whatever they want us to do, which won’t be good.

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