“Make yourself a sheep and the wolves will eat you”
Benjamin Franklin

Fox News continues gaslighting conservatives with its slanted opinion polls about Biden’s legitimacy.


The cosmopolitan Murdoch family continues its assault on reality through its Fox News gaslighting operation.  Fox News has confirmed what astute observers have known since 2019, that the network is determined to push its audience leftward with bogus narratives “supported” by bogus opinion polling.  Fox’s discredited polling operations seem to have changed nothing since their abysmal election polls skewed well outside the margin of error to portray Joe Biden as much more popular than reality.  

Gallop, which tracks party identification, and whose party ID estimates closely align with the most accurate polling firms of the 2020 presidential election cycle, puts party affiliation at D+1, while the Democrat and Biden donor Arnon Mishkin, who runs Fox News polling is still using D+6

Source: Fox News Survey

The 5-point difference creates a reality distortion that is designed to create, not reflect public opinion among its viewers.  The distortion is magnified even more when solid party support is factored in. 

Corrected for these false weightings, at least 42% of Americans believe that the Presidency was stolen from Donald Trump. A Rasmussen Poll published yesterday confirms this. The mountain of evidence supporting the view that the election was stolen dwarfs the bogus Russia conspiracy nonsense peddled by an at-first credulous, and then complicit Democrat media complex.  The same corporate cabal of globalist clamoring for Chinese profits are now seeking to marginalize nearly half of American with legitimate concerns over election integrity.  Where does the Murdoch family really make its money?  The family’s Disney (which includes ownership of ABC News) stock ownership value is more than 4 times that of its News Corp holdings.   With the Chinese box office set to become the world’s largest market this year, and Chinese Communist Party leadership pushing domestic production of jingoistic content, Disney’s leadership is eager to curry favor with the Chinese Communists Censors that stand as gatekeepers of the essential market for Disney’s opportunity, the Chinese streaming market. 

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