“Make yourself a sheep and the wolves will eat you”
Benjamin Franklin

2021 Will Be the Year Conservatives Push Back With Community Organizing and Social Justice for All


We are 75,000,000 living breathing patriots staring at a mostly cardboard cutout opposition that is an illusion designed to keep us thinking our goal of preserving what is great about this country is futile. It is not.  Sure, they can summon their riot brigades on cue.  We will continue to expose them as the ‘brown shirts’ of the totalitarian Democrats who would confiscate rights of people who refuse to follow their edicts.   

In 2021 conservatives must push back using the tactics of the left. The groundswell is beginning as Trump supporters prepare organized protests and Joe Biden prepares to be inaugurated in hiding and ushered into the White House basement. We will coopt and use their language against them.  We will apply economic pressures to organizations who don’t live up to our values and seek to crush us.  We will build community-based organizations and continue to apply pressure on politicians and local, state and federal governments.  We will stigmatize leftist figures and turn them into public pariahs. We will expose their racism and racially divisive agenda. 

The most powerful institutions in the United States all conspired to crush their political opposition during the Trump Presidency.  The establishment from academia, the media entertainment complex and big tech decided that they will define what is acceptable discourse, protest and exercise of individual liberty and that punishments were due to anyone who dared to disagree.  Make no mistake about it, they are ‘the man’ (or whatever nonsense they identify as) and we in the counterculture intend to stick it to them in 2021. 

Academia took their cultural revolution to a dangerous new level in 2020.

Across the country, students were encouraged to participate in mob justice under the euphemism of “mostly peaceful protests” that caused billions of dollars of damage from arson and looting, resulting in destruction of lives and families in mainly black communities.  The defund the police movement in cities and on campuses left no room for dissent.  Student governments were purged of people guilty of ‘wrong think’ and students who broke coronavirus rules for reasons acceptable to college administrators were praised, while peaceful protests for reasons deems unacceptable were sent packing.   Today, conservative students feel physically unsafe on campuses and administrators refuse to address the problem.  

News media went all in on weaponizing COVID, fomenting a race war and deliberately covering up and explaining away Biden family corruption.  To say the media lost all credibility in 2020 is to assume they had any to begin with.  The insidiousness of their deliberate lies cause tremendous damage to the country in 2020. 

Lockdown for thee but not for me was what the public witnessed from a corrupt media.  George Stephanopoulos and Chris Cuomo were notorious violators of government COVID guidelines and didn’t seem the least be concerned they would be ‘guilty of murder’ by breaking quarantine around the Hamptons.  Mask shaming theater by White House reporters who put on a mask for the camera to berate the President and then took their masks off when they thought the cameras had quit rolling was a daily event.  The media took every opportunity to weaponize COVID against Trump and his supporters while excusing themselves and Biden supporters.  It was beyond shameless.  Churchgoers and small businesspeople were deemed threats to public health while media figures never missed a paycheck and ran cover for hypocritical politicians claiming science was the reason to keep liquor stores, marijuana dispensaries and casinos open.  The media ran a protection racket for big tech, big retail and big government while crushing the little guy with no power or influence.  They did it with the approval of their own conscience which makes them all the more dangerous.  They hate half of the country.  They are indeed the enemy of the people when they push to limit the first amendment for everyone but themselves and their political allies.  

Big Tech was the worst of all offenders this year because of their near monopoly status and their invisible tactics of information suppression.  Of all the offenders, Alphabet (Google/YouTube) was the worst because most of what they did was not noticeable to the average person.  Google deliberately buried conservative news site in the middle of 2020 and changed their news algorithm to elevate stories from what they call higher authority websites. Sites such as NYT WaPo, CNN and other uniformly leftist publications were deemed authoritative and worthy of higher ranking in searches for news.  This had the effect of offering Biden and Democrats billions of dollars of free advertisement with no alternate opinions visible.  Today those ‘authoritative’ outlets that pushed a bogus Trump-Russia conspiracy theory and a race war based on lies about the police, are arguing for the suppression of opposing views online. 

Government ineptitude, deception and abuse of power in the name of ‘science’ is what undermined faith in our republic.  Questioning if Democrats cheated in the election seems like the patriotic thing to do.  Trump supporters are questioning the election for the exact same reasons Pelosi did it in 2005.   She said it was a patriotic duty.  We agree.  What wouldn’t Democrats do to #Resist.   They knowingly promoted a phony Russian collusion story to spy on, and later attempt a coup against a duly elected President. They ginned up a fake impeachment to cover the corruption of the Biden family.  They promoted a race war based on lies. They destroyed the economy with fear mongering over COVID while ignoring their own rules.  The list goes on…  

Trump supporters will not be bullied, and name called by media figures and politicians into legitimizing Joe Biden and the corrupt institutions in academia, media, entertainment and government that aided and abetted his corruption.  We owe Biden and the Democrat media entertainment complex NOTHING, least of all legitimacy. 

Hollywood and Madison Avenue have long been the trendsetters in the United States.  Coastal elites are their early adopters.  The rest of us often take longer to join in.  You on the left in academia, media and government made resistance fashionable.  Thanks for paving the way for 75,000,000 of us to #RESIST

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