“Make yourself a sheep and the wolves will eat you”
Benjamin Franklin

The Dalton School offers a master class in irony and Dante’s Inferno


By Silence Dogood

Opinion – Like the wealthy and powerful man who suffers a tinge of guilt from a repressed impostor syndrome and enjoys a little masochism now and then, the Dalton School has found itself naked, restrained and exposed to an escalating level of discomfort and humiliation.  At first it must have been thrilling that the school was living its newfangled woke morality and leading by example.  Others would surely want to follow, and the school could boast prime mover status among elite private schools.  Unlike the sometimes masochist, the Dalton School and its elite parents now find themselves lacking a “safe word.”  

Teachers at Dalton are demanding:

Hiring of 12 full-time diversity officers

An additional full-time employee whose “entire role is to support Black students who come forward with complaints.” 

Pay off student debt of incoming black faculty.

Re-route 50% of all donations to New York City public schools.

Elimination of AP courses if black students don’t score as high as whites.

Required courses on Black liberation.

Reduced tuition for black people whose pictures appear in school promotional materials.

Public “anti-racism” statements required from all employees.

Mandatory “community and diversity days” to be held throughout the year.

Required anti-bias training to be conducted every year for all staff and parent volunteers.

Mandatory minority representation in (otherwise elective) student leadership rolls.

Mandatory diversity plot lines in school plays.

Overhaul entire curriculum to reflect diversity narratives.

Is that all you ask? The faculty is crushed under the bootheel of white supremacy at Dalton or they would not have been so timid in their demands for racial justice.  Clearly the faculty are cowed by the white patriarchy embodied by head of school Jim Best, and as long as a white person is the head of school, Dalton will be systemically racist, like Princeton University.  Mr. Best should lead by example and give his job to a black transexual in the name of social justice, otherwise he’s just another whitey whitesplaining away his white privilege.  Seriously, should Dalton students of color have to call a white man Mr. Best?  Talk about minorities feeling as if they lack agency. The man is a walking trigger.

Those of us who attended schools where copies of Dante’s inferno have not been burned as symbols of the patriarchy and instruments of oppressive anti-LGBTQ Christian morality, are watching in amazement as our so-called cultural and intellectual elites would speed us from the eighth circle, fraud to the ninth, treachery and onto complete devouring in the center of hell. 

Dante himself could not have conceived of such an efficient road map through his nine circles of hell, as the garbage masquerading as scholarship known as Critical Race Theory which has Dalton panicking as the hot wax keeps dripping onto their sensitive parts at temperatures well beyond titillating discomfort.  The populist manifestation of this intellectual drivel, Democrat identity politics and the Black Lives Matter movement appeal to a self-loathing upper class in America because it allows them to acknowledge some hypocrisy while shifting blame toward societal structures and institutions and ascribing it to individuals based on immutable characteristics such as melanin content in their skin.  It is right and just that these Dalton parents should be represented in the United States Senate by Kristen Gillibrand, whose presidential campaign consisted of telling poor white people in Youngstown, Ohio about their white privilege. 

The remarkably uncritical acceptance of this absurd theory has made it the left’s new dogma, the act of questioning only seems to reveal one’s complicity in the scheme of oppression.  The leadership at the Dalton school have entangled themselves in a Gordian knot for which there is a simple solution they dare not speak for fear of revealing themselves the impostors they are.  The people and institutions, primarily academic, that have pushed this toxic ideology into the popular culture though news media, the entertainment complex and Democrat identity politics have enjoyed the status and wealth they have attained poisoning racial relations to the point where an African American man with little education, but with the respect and admiration of people of all colors, can earn a billion dollars bouncing a ball and throwing it through a hoop and still proclaim himself a victim of racism, who is being hunted by police as he cashes checks from profits derived from ACTUAL slaves in China, a country with leadership and institutions he would dare not criticize.

This toxic anti-white, and yes ACTUALLY RACIST narrative has been forced into our discourse and culture deliberately by the most powerful newspaper in the world, the New York Times whose course has been set by a privileged African American executive editor, Dean Baquet and a privileged African American Pulitzer Prize winner Nikole Hannah-Jones, awarded for the fake history of the United States known as the 1619 Project.  

Products of the Dalton white supremacist factory Matthew Yglesias, explainer extraordinaire of Vox fame, and Andersen Cooper of the most trusted name in fake news, have gotten rich as the anti-Christian racial grievance narrative they push divides the country, and intimidates clear thinking people into silence. Even the state of California rejected racial quotas in the 2020 election, but you would never know it by the endless grievance narrative pushed by media organizations imagining it will buy them protection and keep people watching the race wars. The California vote reveals that even most leftists know they were peddling nonsense to agitate the black vote for Biden. The tab for their devil’s bargain is coming due and now we watch as they are devoured in the center of hell.

Now back to The Dalton School, and the fight for social justice. If I were to ensconce myself in the Emperors clothes of our elite privileged class, the only reasonable thing for Dalton students to do would be to burn the school down if it fails to acquiesce to the appropriate demands of teachers who are, after all, only fighting white supremacy.  For that would acknowledge their privilege and the oppression it creates.   But that alone is not the only prescription, because if the teachers’ demands are met, the students must lead by acknowledging that teachers haven’t gone far enough, and neither have parents and students.  Students and parents should not be seen as apostates in this new faith.  They can live their creed by the following actions:

If you would send your child to Dalton, you are possessed of an intractable case of white privilege, beyond even that of a white welder in Youngstown.  You can attempt to cast off your white privilege by doing the following:

Confess it publicly to African Americans by going into a public area of your nearest housing project with a large African American population and offering to have your child trade places with an African American child by switching schools. 

Acknowledge and correct the hardship and racial shame of the black child who must suffer the stigma of living in the projects while attending an elite private school. The only way to do this is to let the black family move into your residence and have access to your bank account while you live in their residence and live off their bank account. You must understand food insecurity and physical insecurity.

Of course you are not done yet… at this point your white privilege is similar to that of the welder from Youngstown, which means you are still the bane of the nation according to your new moral framework.  So do society a favor and either drop dead or enslave yourself to an African American master.

The irony is that if Dalton parents cannot see where subservience to this bankrupt ideology leads, it is truly a failure of education. An uneducated person who possesses common sense can see this as at best a Bolshevik ruse. Yet Dalton parents, a microcosm of our self hating illuminati, seem determined to unlearn western history and logic. They have insisted that teachers demand Dane-Geld. How can they now deny it without exposing their white supremacy to their own children.

Congratulations Dalton parents and Mr. Best, the fact that Jeffrey Epstein taught at your school, is no longer your biggest embarrassment.

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