“Make yourself a sheep and the wolves will eat you”
Benjamin Franklin

President Biden Hosts Maskless Super-spreader Events As Covid Deaths Under His Administration Surpass Grim Milestone


Despite immediately signing an executive order requiring everyone on Federal property to wear a mask at all times, President Biden hosted several events with maskless attendees who failed to keep six feet apart in what public health experts have categorized as a “super-spreader event” sure to lead to Covid infections and deaths.

When asked about the President flouting his own order and putting lives at risk, spokesperson Jen Psaki said the President has “bigger issues” to worry about.

The deadly pandemic has claimed more lives per day under the new Biden Administration than under the previous Administration causing observers to worry that Biden is not interested in anything other than the perception of concern.


After just two days in office, deaths of US citizens from Covid 19 have surpassed the total deaths of US solders from 19 years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Just under 7,000 US Service members have died in the middle east wars voted for and perpetuated by Joe Biden. After 2 days in office the Biden Administration is responsible for 8,757 Covid 19 deaths.

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