“Make yourself a sheep and the wolves will eat you”
Benjamin Franklin

Does Joe Biden have the right to kill Anderson Cooper with his COVID?


There is only one question that needs to be asked and answered today… Does Joe Biden believe he has the right to kill people with his COVID? Everything you need to know about our so called journalists who work for the corporations that conspired to elect this President by deliberately making up fake stories and covering up real ones, will be on display by what is and is not asked today. A major year long study reported on today in Bloomberg confirms that the vaccinated and unvaccinated are equally as likely to spread COVID.

On the town hall on CNN the other day, Biden said we have to separate the unvaccinated because they don’t have the right to kill people with their COVID. There have been many instances of doctors abandoning their Hippocratic oath because of this line of reasoning. Many have died from willful denial of medical treatment.

Meanwhile doctors, hospitals, politicians and opinion setters in news organizations have supported this “infected until proven not infected” paradigm for the unvaccinated, but not for the vaccinated in furtherance of a neo-Apartheid. Many of these same people were declaring health care a fundamental human right not long ago. What they are really saying is in order to get this “fundamental human right” you must cede control of your body to the government.

Evolutionarily, organisms that treated threats more urgently than opportunities tended to survive and reproduce better. We have evolved to react extremely quickly to potential for immediate potential loss of life. And like schools of fish we have an instinct to all turn in the same direction at the same time, because we are watching each other and not the dangerous thing itself. Jesus was right when said “The meek shall inherit the earth”.

Thus the initial impulse to shelter in place and proceed with extreme caution were accepted by just about the whole world until the data unfolded and the risk could be seen more clearly. Initially, there was more to be lost (your life!) by lack of caution and we as a world reacted as expected. But as the story unfolded it became clear that the absolute risk was not as high as feared and not everyone had a similar risk.

We know from extensive public polling on the subject that the typical person perceives their risk from COVID to be more than 10 times higher than it actually is. This is another indictment of the so called press in our country. It is exploited by political leaders that don’t follow their own edicts, because they are much more clear eyed about the actual risks.

Political interests of teachers unions have us psychologically abusing children with masks and physical separation that adults don’t practice.

I’d like to give the people who have supported the positions of mistaken experts and mendacious politicians out of civic duty, the benefit of the doubt. But they don’t deserve it from this point forward. It’s on you from here on out.

We have just seen an Emergency Use Authorization issued in which a member of the FDA said out loud that we won’t know the risks of the vaccine to children until we start giving it to them. Sweden and Denmark have suspended vaccine use among children due to observed risks of severe side effects.

There is zero evidence of an “emergency” for children as COVID is less lethal than the flu for them. Our political officials don’t even want a control group of unvaccinated. this is not science. This is not wise. This an example of group psychology being willfully manipulated and not for noble reasons. We are playing Russian roulette with humanity at this point by forcing this on our nations children when there is no evidence they are a vector, and the risk to them is negligible. We are witnessing what looks like egregious regulatory capture and we are without a self reflective press in this country to even entertain the question.

It’s time to ask ourselves if we have shown zeal for bad causes and atone and correct. The pandemic of fear is eclipsing any sense of reasonableness.

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