We created Wolf Daily as an antidote to the corporate news monolith which has devolved into little more than a protection racket for the ruling class. The vast majority of large corporate news sources, regardless of positioning along the political spectrum, are little more than activist fear merchants. They are increasingly focused on tweet smackdowns, hyperbole and histrionics, instead of facts and context.

At Wolf Daily our mission is to focus on things that matter to the future of our readers and nation. Well informed people make better decisions about their lives. Informed citizens make for a more accountable government and a country that more clearly reflects the will of the people.

We offer current information along with historical context and analysis from our own reporting and syndicated sources. We seek open and honest dialogue about important topics and invite submissions from our readers to be considered for publication.

Why a daily email? Because news consumption should not be all consuming. Five to fifteen minutes a day is plenty of time to stay informed without becoming consumed. There is a well-established, inverse relationship between happiness and the amount of news consumed, particularly political news. Served up each morning in an easy to read and digest format, our daily email lets you consume the news in a healthy way without letting it consume you. Our website is updated continuously throughout the day.

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