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Methane menace: Aerial survey spots ‘super-emitter’ landfills

The U.S. waste-management industry has become a darling of environmentally minded investors for its work in recycling trash and harvesting gases from landfills as...

Denmark sees surge in ‘heart runners’ after Eriksen’s cardiac arrest

The cardiac arrest suffered by Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen during a Euro 2020 match has seen a seven-fold increase in sign-ups for the "heart...

Temptation everywhere: Mexican children struggle with obesity

Daniela was 11 years old when a doctor told her she would not live more than another six or seven years. Weighing 75 kilos...

Five U.S. states had coronavirus infections even before first reported cases

At least seven people in five U.S. states were infected with the novel coronavirus weeks before those states reported their first cases, a new...

Mexico aims to ease border restrictions with U.S.

Mexico aims to gradually lift pandemic-induced restrictions on its shared border with the United States as it progresses in vaccinating the local population against...


Facebook’s ‘Neighborhoods’ faces crowded niche market, profiling concerns

When Facebook began testing its new "Neighborhoods" feature in Canada last October amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the tech giant described it as a dedicated...

Man with 39 wives, head of ‘world’s largest family’, dies in India

A 76-year-old man who had 39 wives and 94 children and was said to be the head of the world's largest family has died...

Facebook removes what it says is fake Ethiopia account network ahead of election

Facebook Inc said on Wednesday it had removed a network of fake accounts in Ethiopia targeting domestic users ahead of next week's elections, which...

Top senator fears Big Tech at home as Alexa and Nest dominate

The U.S. Congress takes up the issue on Tuesday of yet another area where big tech firms -- in this case, Amazon.com and Alphabet's...

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck pictured kissing as ‘Bennifer’ returns

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been pictured exchanging passionate kisses, apparently confirming weeks of fevered rumors that they have rekindled a romance that...

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