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EU allows Lesotho’s MG Health to export cannabis flower for medicinal use

Lesotho start-up MG Health has become the first African cannabis-grower to win European Union permission to export cannabis flower for medicinal use - which...

WHO says, Antibiotics in development not enough to tackle ‘superbugs’

None of the 43 antibiotics currently in development as well as recently approved medicines are enough to combat the increasing emergence and spread of...

Brazil investigates reports of vaccines being exchanged for illegal gold

Federal prosecutors in the Brazilian state of Roraima are investigating reports that illegally-mined gold is being exchanged for COVID-19 vaccines in the Yanomami indigenous...

Exclusive: New zinc-fortified wheat set for global expansion to combat malnutrition

Scientists at a leading global grains research institute expect to sharply ramp up new wheat varieties enriched with zinc that can boost the essential...

‘Super-spreader’ erupts as 650,000 devout Hindus throng Indian festival

Hundreds of thousands of ash-smeared ascetics and devout Hindus jostled to take a dip in the Ganges during a religious festival on Wednesday, hoping...


Malaysian farmers attempt to grow prized Japanese muskmelons

After more than a decade of experimenting, a trio of Malaysian farmers say they have found the right concoction of nutrients and treatments to...

U.S. video game maker puts players in the shoes of a Black father

With calls for police reform and protests across the United States, software engineer Bryant Young is hoping to use virtual reality (VR) to fight...

With a return to live music, Academy of Country Music awards show airs Sunday

In Nashville, Tennessee, the traditional home of country songs, the Academy of Country Music will hold its annual awards show on Sunday, incorporating small...

McDonald’s to train employees to combat harassment and discrimination

McDonald's Corp said on Wednesday it will require new training and policies to combat harassment, discrimination and violence at its 39,000 restaurants worldwide, calling...

Buying diamonds in lockdown? WhatsApp can be your best friend

As Italy entered a new coronavirus lockdown and shut shops in March, Genoa-based jeweller Gismondi 1754 turned to messaging service WhatsApp to sell a...

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