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No jab, no job? UK plumbing firm exploring vaccine rules for staff

A firm of London plumbers is looking at changing its employment contracts to include a requirement for workers to have a COVID-19 vaccine, its...

Mexico’s health ministry publishes medicinal cannabis regulation

Mexico's health ministry on Tuesday published rules to regulate the use of medicinal cannabis, a key step in a broader reform to create a...

Google launches $3 million fund to fight vaccine ‘misinformation’

The Google News Initiative on Tuesday launched a global open fund to fight misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines, worth up to $3 million. The "COVID-19 Vaccine...

England to require travelers to show negative COVID tests

Britain's government will require people entering England to present a negative COVID-19 test result on arrival starting next week to protect against new strains...

Study finds Wuhan COVID infections 3 times higher than official figures, confirming more deception from the Communist regime that seeks to benefit from the...

The number of people who have been infected with COVID-19 in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the virus was first identified, could be...


Thailand serves up cannabis cuisine to happy customers

"Giggling bread" and "joyfully dancing salad" aren't the usual dishes on a menu in Thailand, but one eatery is hoping its cannabis-infused cuisine can...

Japanese pray for end to pandemic in annual ice bath ritual

Men wearing traditional loin clothes and women dressed in white robes clapped and chanted before going into an ice water bath during a Shinto...

Vanessa Kirby conveys miracle of childbirth in ‘Pieces of a Woman’

Vanessa Kirby has never had a baby but she says she can't wait to give birth despite her harrowing performance as a woman whose...

Shopify joins the censorship game and removes stores affiliated with Trump

Canada's Shopify Inc took down stores affiliated with U.S. President Donald Trump from its e-commerce platform on Thursday, a day after hundreds of his...

Burger King revamps brand for first time in over 20 years

Burger King has redesigned its brand including its logo, food packaging and restaurants in order to reflect improvements such as eliminating preservatives, the fast...

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