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UK startup develops gyroscope glove to ease tremors for those with Parkinson’s

A UK startup has developed a glove with a built-in spinning gyroscope that it says can help people with Parkinson's disease and Essential tremor...

Scientists warn the contagious Brazil COVID-19 variant evades immunity

A highly transmissible COVID-19 variant that emerged in Brazil and has now been found in at least 20 countries can re-infect people who previously...

Worlds largest vaccine producer, India, says ‘it has plenty of shots for its own people’

The government assured Indians on Tuesday that there were plenty of COVID-19 vaccines for the country even though it has sent quantities overseas. It also...

Mexico’s president expected to ask Biden to share U.S. vaccines

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is expected to ask President Joe Biden to consider sharing part of the U.S. coronavirus vaccine supply with its...

Two Jordanian ministers fired for partying in breach of their own rules

Jordan's interior and justice ministers were fired on Sunday for attending a dinner party at a restaurant that violated the coronavirus restrictions that their...


30 years later, Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall are ‘Coming 2 America’

More than 30 years after Prince Akeem Joffer and his sidekick Semmi first travelled to the United States to find a royal bride, Eddie...

Generation COVID: student designers kick off Paris Fashion Week

With a collection called "Toxique, c'est chic", which showcases the knitting techniques he perfected under COVID-19 lockdown at home, James Giltner is among aspiring...

TV audience for virtual Golden Globes is headed for sharp fall

The television audience for Hollywood's virtual Golden Globes ceremony on Sunday fell sharply from last year's event, according to preliminary estimates on Monday. Ratings data...

San Diego Comic-Con to remain virtual and be reduced to three days

San Diego Comic-Con, an annual celebrity-studded showcase of superhero films and pop culture, will remain virtual for its July event, which will be reduced...

Sprinter Blake says he would rather miss Olympics than get COVID-19 vaccine

Olympic champion sprinter Yohan Blake of Jamaica said he would rather miss the Tokyo Games than get the COVID-19 vaccine, although getting vaccinated will...

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